Hi I'm Chelsea! I'm a wedding, engagement & sweetheart photographer based out of Northern VA. I'm a wife to my best friend and new mom to the sweetest little chunk (Wesley!). Marriage is the best decision I’ve ever made. Having Toby as my husband is a huge blessing from the Lord and I am thankful for him every day! He is the level-headed voice of reason in my life and I don’t know what I would do without him. Plus he introduced me to “The Office” on Netflix, so I am forever in his debt.  

 What else should you know about me? Well, I’m living the first time mom life (sweatpants, dry shampoo, all the coffee) and chasing a toddler around every day. We are big fans of anything that gets us out of the house for a bit!  Wesley is the absolute best and getting to experience everything through his eyes is such a joy. You can keep up with all our adventures in my instastories!

 When it’s cold, you’ll find me snuggled up on the couch with Toby binge watching something on Netflix (seriously I have seen an embarrassing number of shows on Netflix, check out my list below). If it’s warm, I am probably doing something outside like going to a winery or finding a friend with a pool!  And if it’s Monday, you know I’m watching the Bachelor. 

 I am the girl who gets overly excited about the smallest things and it shows. So when big things happen, I can't even contain myself! I will be so excited with you throughout this whole process. My goal is to make you feel loved and so special throughout this entire engagement season; not just on the wedding day! Think we’re a great fit? Awesome! Click 'Let's Chat' below :)

about me


- The Office
-The Bachelor (okay not Netflix, but a fave)
- Parks & Recreation
- Arrested Development
- Gossip Girl
- Gilmore Girls
- One Tree Hill

- Grey's Anatomy
- Reign
- Friday Night Lights
- New Girl
- Stranger Things
- Travelers
- How I Met Your Mother


I have the world’s self-proclaimed biggest sweet tooth and an addiction to baking (a dangerous combination). Really I’m not picky when it comes to sweets. Cookies, candy bars, pies, red velvet cupcakes (especially Georgetown Cupcakes), I love it all! 


Okay to be fair to my makeup artist friends, I'm no good. But my sisters and I are obsessed with watching youtube makeup tutorials and then trying everything we learn! I love going to Ulta and Sephora. Maybe it was having a baby and learning how to properly cover my epic dark circles, but makeup is so fun to play with and I constantly have a makeup wish list on my phone. One piece of makeup I absolutely can't go without? Tarte shape tape. Those dark circles won't cover themselves!


Toby and I love to travel. We try and take one big vacation a year with a few weekend getaways sprinkled throughout the year if we can! Our favorite vacations are Excellence all-inclusive resorts. They are the most stress-free trips you will ever take! All you can eat dessert people! That's the dream. They also have a swim up bar so you don't even have to get out of the pool to get your margarita.

My FAVORITE THINGS: joanna gaines

Me and every other girl on the planet am I right? Okay but seriously, since we bought our first home I have taken a new love for everything she does! Hosting, decorating, cooking, I can't get enough of Magnolia! If Toby could surprise me with a trip to Waco, I would be one happy girl.


My favorite food group is Chipotle. And yes, I said food group because in my life that’s what it is. Pair that with a margarita and I’ll be the happiest person ever! There is one new chain in Northern Virginia though that I believe could tie with Chipotle, and that’s Cava Grill. Seriously you have to try it. It’s amazing. 


Going to Target has always been a favorite, but it's become even more so since having a baby. Some days we are both going a little stir crazy so to get out of the house we literally go to Target and walk around for hours! Wesley loves it as much as I do. Do I walk out with ten things I don't need every time? Absolutely. Is it still worth it? Absolutely.


Northern Virginia has so many amazing wineries! While Napa is the best (if you're getting married in Napa I DO travel!), Northern VA still has some great ones. My favorite Saturday's in the summer are spent with good friends, a bunch of good snacks, and a bottle of wine outside at the winery picnic table.

My FAVORITE THINGS: going to bed early

If I wasn't a grandma before having a baby, I am definitely a grandma now. I am so tired every single night that I am honestly falling asleep by 8pm! I do my best to make it to 10pm most nights but I'm not gonna lie. I've gone to bed at 8pm before. And it was the best. Gone are the days of staying up until all hours, Toby and I love to snuggle up and fall asleep watching The Office! 

My FAVORITE THINGS: salt & vinegar chips

I know most of you probably think these are disgusting, but I can't get enough! Toby assures me I'm the only one who likes them but that cannot be true. They are so delicious. Especially if they are kettle cooked! Yum.